Personal Training

Personal Training: your personal trainer will go through your Goals and make sure that the are specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and time bound, so that you can easily work towards the end result, be it a holiday, wedding or a sport event that your wish to train for. A personal trainer is qualified in both nutrition and exercise advice, will design programmes that will help and guide you through to success, and achieve your goals.

If your aim is to improve your health, loose unwanted body fat, gain lean muscle, at SWAT 50+ we will design a programme to suit your needs! Where you will also learn how to work out the correct way and avoid injury.

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  • Diet Consultations

    Initial consultation €60
    €35 x 30 minutes €350 for 10 weeks

  • Personal Training

    Initial consultation €60. Free upon sign up. (45mins)
    €20 per session X 2 times per week x 10 weeks €400

  • Group class

    €20 per week for 10 weeks €200 (45mins).