About us

  • We offer a fitness regime for the over 50’s that can change how you live your life, by creating programmes to suit your GOALS, increase Strength, build Lean Body Mass which aids in fat burning. As we age, we are continually loosing vital muscle and gaining body fat with each passing year. So in order to slow it down and improve overall cardiovascular health and fitness, resistance training is the key.
  • Weight loss will occur by regular resistance training, improving Agility and Tone up the body, giving you more energy, looking and feeling healthier and stronger.
  • Benefits of healthy nutrition and exercise are, reduced blood pressure, improved cardiovascular strength, improved blood circulation, lung capacity improves. Theses are just a few of the  health benefits that you will see at SWAT 50+
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  • Diet Consultations

    Initial consultation €60
    €35 x 30 minutes €350 for 10 weeks

  • Personal Training

    Initial consultation €60. Free upon sign up. (45mins)
    €20 per session X 2 times per week x 10 weeks €400

  • Group class

    €20 per week for 10 weeks €200 (45mins).